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Chinese New Year poster 農曆新年 (nung4 lik6 san1 nin4)

Here’s a poster with some new year vocabulary. Click the button to download, and have a look at previous Chinese New Year posts:

Chinese new year flashcards (audio and link to download)
Red banners/couplets (audio and link to download)

煙花 jin1 faa1

新衫 san1 saam1
new clothes

揮春 fai ceon1
red banners

金元寶 gam1 jun4 bou2
gold ingot

年糕 nin4 gou1
sweet glutinous CNY rice cake

湯丸 tong1 jyun2
sweet glutinous rice balls


全盒 cyun4 hap6
CNY candy box

舞獅 mou5 si1
lion dance

炮仗 paau3 zoeng2

利是 lei6 si6
red packets