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Household Chores 家務 (gaa1 mou6)

This audio accompanies the flashcards on household chores. This will hopefully subliminally encourage your child to do chores by teaching them the associated vocabulary!

執床 zap1 cong4
make the bed

執房 zap1 fong2
tidy the room

開檯 hoi1 toi4
set the table

煮飯 zyu2 faan6
cook dinner

洗碗 sai2 wun2
wash dishes

洗衫 sai2 saam1
wash clothes

熨衫 tong3 saam1
iron clothes

抹窗 maat3 coeng1
clean the windows

吸塵 kap1 can4

掃地 sou3 dei6
sweep the floor

倒垃圾 dou2 laap6 saap3
take out the rubbish

餵狗 wai3 gau2
feed the dog

放狗 fong3 gau2
walk the dog