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Measure Words 量詞 (loeng6 ci4)

This audio accompanies the flashcards on measure words. Measure words (量詞) are also known as classifiers and used in between the quantity of an object and a noun:

e.g. 一隻貓 (jat1 zek3 maau1) meaning one/a cat

In the example above, 隻 (zek3) is the measure word.

Measure words are based on the characteristics of the noun, and there’s a wide variety of them used in Chinese. Measure words are not as widespread in English and other European languages, but they are still used. Examples include ‘one bottle of water’ and ‘one pair of shoes’, wherein ‘bottle’ and ‘pair’ are the measure words. Click here for a table summarising common measure words in Chinese.

一個蘋果 jat1 go3 ping4 gwo2
one apple

一隻貓 jat1 zek3 maau1
one cat

一條魚 jat1 tiu4 jyu4
one fish

一件衫 jat1 gin6 saam1
one piece of clothing

一條裙 jat1 tiu4 kwan4
one skirt

一條褲 jat1 tiu4 fu3
one pair of trousers

一對鞋 jat1 deoi3 haai4
one pair of shoes

一支筆 jat1 zi1 bat1
one pen

一張紙 jat1 zoeng1 zi2
one piece of paper

一樽水 jat1 zeon1 seoi2
one bottle of water

一塊蛋糕 jat1 faai3 daan2 gou1
one slice of cake

一粒糖 jat1 lap1 tong4
one sweet

一間屋 jat1 gaan1 nguk1
one house

一架車 jat1 gaa3 ce1
one car

一棵樹 jat1 po1 syu6
one tree

一朵花 jat1 do2 faa1
one flower