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Measure Words 2 量詞 (loeng6 ci4)

This audio accompanies the second set of flashcards on measure words. Click here for the first post on measure words containing audio samples. The first set of measure word flashcards can be downloaded here.

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一把鉸剪 jat1 baa2 gaau2 zin2
one pair of scissors

一包薯片 jat1 baau1 syu4 pin3
one bag of crisps

一部電腦 jat1 bou6 din6 nou5
one computer

一本書 jat1 bun2 syu1
one book

一堆衫 jat1 deoi1 saam1
one pile of clothes

一滴水 jat1 dik6 seoi2
one drop of water

一幅地圖 jat1 fuk1 dei6 tou4
one map

一封信 jat1 fung1 seon3
one letter

一嚿石頭 jat1 gau6 sek6 tau4
one lump of rock

一罐汽水 jat1 gun3 hei3 seoi2
one can of fizzy drink

一盒釘 jat1 hap6 deng1
one box of nails

一片芝士 jat1 pin3 zi1 si6
one slice of cheese

一艘船 jat1 sau2 syun4
one ship

一碗飯 jat1 wun2 faan6
one bowl of rice

一座山 jat1 zo6 saan1
one mountain

一張檯 jat1 zoeng1 toi4
one table