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    Talking to kids about racism

    I was listening to a podcast recently, where the interviewee raised the point that he would rather initiate a conversation about racism with his 4-year-old daughter, rather than wait for her to ask him about it. His rationale was that…

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    Musical Instruments 樂器 (ngok6 hei3)

    Here is the audio accompaniment to the set of 12 flashcards on musical instruments. To use in a sentence, you would add the following verbs: 吹 ceoi1 = to blow (used for flute, harmonica, saxophone, trumpet)打 daa1 = to hit/strike…

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    Medicine 醫科 (ji1 fo1)

    Some basic medical terms in a set of 12 flashcards. Two of the terms (doctor and nurse) are also in the occupations set, but I didn’t want to leave these out! 醫生 ji1 sang1doctor

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    Occupations 職業 (zik1 jip6)

    This audio goes with the set of 12 occupations flashcards. There will be at least one follow-up set with more occupations covered. Apologies if your occupation is not covered in this set!

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    Animals 動物 (dung6 mat6)

    Back to basics! Here are some animal flashcards useful for babies/toddlers/kids of all ages. I’ve always found that most kids absolutely adore animals and that children particularly engage with real-life pictures. These are covered in the First Words and Animals…

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    More feelings 情感 (cing4 gam2)

    This was a special request from Carolyn at CCCNJ. There is a previously published post with audio covering nine basic feelings (including happy, sad, shy etc) that you can download here. These flashcards cover different and more nuanced feelings suitable…

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    Emotions/feelings in Cantonese

    Emotions are a difficult topic to discuss in any language. I have created a simple emotion wheel with illustrations that you can use with your kids. Here is the audio to go with the simple emotions/feelings wheel, which you can…