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Red Banners/Couplets 揮春 (fai1 ceon1)

恭喜發財! gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4
Have a prosperous new year! (Chinese New Year’s greeting)

Here are some popular new year’s greetings that you see on red banners and couplets over Chinese New Year. You usually say these greetings to family and reds you meet and get 利是 lei6 si6 (red packets or envelopes) with money in return (until you are married and are expected to begin giving red envelopes yourself)! There’s a greeting here for everyone – young, old, students, people with businesses, and generic greetings too!

Download some printable red banners below (there’s a full-colour version and a print-friendly version, with a page of icons for kids to cut out and stick on for decorations if they wish).

祝你 zuk1 nei5
Wishing you…
Say this phrase before any of the phrases below

學業進步 hok6 jip6 zeon3 bou6
improvement in your academic studies

快高長大 faai3 gou1 zoeng2 daai6
grow up quickly

心想事成 sam1 soeng2 si6 sing4
your wishes are fulfilled

大吉大利 daai6 gat1 daai6 lei6
great luck and profit

年年有餘 nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4
yearly abundance/excess (i.e. you have more than you need)

生意興隆 saang1 ji3 hing1 lung4
prosperous business

出入平安 ceot1 jap6 ping4 on1
safety wherever you go

萬事如意 maan6 si6 jyu4 ji3
everything (lit. 10,000 things) go as you wish/hope

青春常駐 cing1 ceon1 soeng4 zyu3
stay young