Thanksgiving day 感恩節 (gam2 jan1 zit3)

感恩 (gam2 jan1) means being grateful. It’s been a challenging year for most people amidst the Covid pandemic and hopefully families will be able to come together in some way for Thanksgiving, even if it is only remotely.

There are some words that do not translate well to English and a prime example is the word ‘gravy’. 肉汁 (juk6 zap1) means ‘meat juice’ and could be interpreted as the juices coming from meat, but this is probably the closest equivalent. 醬汁 (zoeng3 zap1) is another option but its meaning is closer to ‘sauce’. 芡汁 (hin3 zap1) could possibly be used in this context. You may have heard this referred to in Chinese cooking when talking about 打芡 (daa2 hin3) i.e. when you thicken a sauce with a starch-water combination.

Anyway, I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!