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World Landmarks 世界知名地標 (sai3 gaai3 zi1 ming4 dei6 biu1)

This is a great way to teach older kids about the world through landmarks and the countries they belong to. I couldn’t include everything I wanted, so apologies for missing any (and I know I did!). There were too many to cover but I am planning to do a part 2. Hopefully, this will spark interest in travel and other cultures. This audio accompanies the poster on world landmarks. Click the button below for the link to download the poster.

萬里長城 maan6 lei5 coeng4 sing4
Great Wall of China
中國 zung1 gwok3 China

自由女神像 zi6 jau4 neoi5 san4 zoeng6
Statue of Liberty
美國 mei5 gwok3 USA

埃菲爾鐵塔 aai1 fei1 ji5 tit3 taap3
Eiffel Tower
法國 faat3 gwok3 France

泰姬陵 taai3 gei1 ling4
Taj Mahal
印度 jan3 dou6 India

大本鐘 daai6 bun2 zung1
Big Ben
英國 jing1 gwok3 England

紅場 hung4 coeng4
Red Square
俄羅斯 ngo4 lo4 si1 Russia

比薩斜塔 bei2 saat3 ce4 taap3
Leaning Tower of Pisa
義大利 ji6 daai6 lei6 Italy

悉尼劇院 sik1 nei4 go1 kek6 jyun2
Sydney Opera House
澳洲 ou3 zau1 Australia