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Encouragement Phrases 鼓勵 (gu2 lai6)

Here are some basic phrases that you can use in daily life to praise or encourage your child. Click on the button below to download the phrases as a PDF.

叻女! lek1 neoi5
Clever girl!

叻 (lek1) means ‘clever’ or ‘smart’.

叻仔! lek1 zai2
Clever boy!

乖女! gwaai1 neoi5
Good girl!

乖 (gwaai1) means ‘well-behaved’.

乖仔! gwaai1 zai2
Good boy!

搞掂! gaau2 dim6
Job done!

搞掂 (gaau2 dim6) means ‘done’ or ‘sorted’.

做得好! zou6 dak1 hou2
You did well!

做得好 (zou6 dak1 hou2) means ‘did good’. 好 (hou2) means ‘good’ or ‘very’.

好犀利呀! hou2 sai1 lei6 aa3

好犀利呀 (hou2 sai1 lei6 aa1) means ‘very amazing’. 呀 (aa3) is a particle that is sometimes used to soften the end of questions and statements.

加油! gaa1 jau2
Come on! You can do it!

加油 (gaa1 jau2) means ‘add oil’ or ‘add fuel’ i.e. ‘step on the gas pedal’.  It is similar to ‘gambatte’ in Japanese.