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    Basic Verbs

    This audio goes with the basic verbs poster that be downloaded below: 食 sik6eat

  • man dunking the ball
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    Sports/exercise 運動 (wan6 dung6)

    This audio goes with the sports flashcards/posters that be downloaded below. You can use the following associated verbs: VERBS 打 daa2 to hit (used for tennis, badminton, baseball, cricket, volleyball, golf, basketball) e.g. 我鍾意打網球 (ngo5 zung1 ji3 daa2 mong5 kau4) = I like to play tennis

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    Role play dessert

    Here is another menu covering dessert items with a few token fruits for role play. Click the button below to download. 雪糕 syut3 gou1ice-cream

  • photo of woman studying anatomy
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    More organs of the body 器官 (hei3 gun1)

    By popular request, here is the audio to match the poster print-out covering more anatomy and organs of the body. Where two phrases have been included, the first phrase is colloquial and the second phrase is the more formal version. Click to download the matching poster. 腦 nou5/ 大腦 daai6 nou5brain