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Chinese New Year 農曆新年 (nung4 lik6 san1 nin4)

Chinese New Year is probably the biggest event in the Chinese calendar. Cantonese for families has some great posts on vocabulary, teaching activities and resources on how to get your children involved. These audio clips go with the three pages of vocabulary that you can download by clicking the link below:

全盒 cyun4 hap6
Chinese New Year candy box

湯丸 tong1 jyun2
sweet glutinous rice balls


年糕 nin4 gou1
Chinese New Year cake (sweet glutinous rice cake)

蘿蔔糕 lo4 baak6 gou1
turnip cake

春捲 ceon1 gyun2
spring rolls

餃子 gaau2 zi2

蒸魚 zing1 jyu4
steamed fish

金元寶 gam1 jyun4 bou2
gold ingot

櫻花 jing1 faa1
cherry blossom

倒福 dou2 fuk1
upside down ‘fortune’ sign

花結 faa1 git3
Chinese decorative knot

財神 coi4 san4
Chinese god of wealth

燈籠 dang1 lung4

利是 lei6 si6 (pronounced more like lai6 si6)
red packet

揮春 fai1 ceon1
red banners

燒炮仗 siu1 paau3 zoeng2
set off firecrackers

食團年飯 sik6 tyun4 nin4 faan6
eat family reunion dinner

睇舞獅 tai2 mou5 si1
watch lion dance

掛燈籠 gwaa3 dang1 lung4
hang lanterns

收利是 sau1 lei6 si6
receive red packets

掛揮春 gwaa3 fai1 ceon1
hang red banners

著新衫 zoek3 san1 saam1
wear new clothes

睇煙花 tai2 jin1 faa1
watch fireworks